Five Things Friday

1) If I sound cranky, I am! Had to call 2 large companies today to make some account changes, and they are notoriously terrible to work with. I must have said “no, please just cancel the service” 15 times. ARGH! 


2) Ready for my 8 miler tonight after work, some homemade pizza for dinner, and the Wolf of Wall Street from Redbox. We were just asking when we became hermits, because we rarely go out anymore. Whatever, I’m kind of enjoying the homebody thing. 

3) The rest of the weekend are my “off” running days-but I plan on getting a few walks in, and a LOT of clean up in the yard. Doggie mess, some areas we couldn’t get to in the Fall, and some stuff we’d like to change…there’s plenty of work to be done. And it will FINALLY be nice enough on a weekend to want to spend time out there. Oh, Spring, don’t ever leave me again. 

4) Computer shopping for Jeff’s return to school is like car shopping. We need one, but the buying process…ARGH! NOT anyone’s idea of fun. 

5) THIS. It will probably be me when I get in the car after work today. It’s been a STRESSFUL week! 


7 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. I totally get the homebody thing! I love just staying inside with a movie. 🙂 If you haven’t seen it already, you should DEF check out ‘Captain Phillips’… GREAT movie. Tom Hanks made me cry…..

    WHewwww girl, 8 miles! It’s been a while since I done one of those, can’t wait to set another halfie for my next goal 🙂 O, and what computer is your hubby looking at? I highly recommend apple for any purchase!


    • I was at the place where I’d turn to go home last night and didn’t feel ready to be done yet, so I made it 10 miles! I’ve really gone runner crazy now. We’ll have to check out the movie-we’ve been on a kick lately.

      Jeff won’t get an apple, he’s biased for some reason. He’s been thinking about Surface tablets, but I know he has to have a CD drive for some of his school stuff.

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