Tallying up the miles

While reading our buddy Scott’s most recent post about 100 mile March (the month, not a really long, determined walk), I decided to take a look at how many miles I ran in March. The answer? 126. I know I’ve never done that before. It feels great! Sure, my toenails give me a bit of worry that they’re going to jump off the next time I try to shove them in running shoes. Sure, my knee is still a bit out of whack. Sure, foam rolling could get me to divulge my worst secrets, it’s such a great torture device. But I’m pretty  happy with my 30ish mile weeks lately. This week, depending on what I can squeeze out tomorrow, I’ll be around 35. I know there were MONTHS last year when I didn’t hit 35 miles. It’s amazing what a little focus will do for you.

That being said, it’s been a bit of a rough running week. I had an awesome 4 mile speed session on Tuesday, but every other day has involved the treadmill. SO. MUCH. TREADMILL. I had a 12-13 miler planned for yesterday. It rained, blew around, and was a bit cold. That coupled with an upset…stomach most of the afternoon made me decide I’d try it on the treadmill. I’ve never gone more than 6 miles on that machine, and 6 miles generally involves some kind of mental distraction techniques to go the distance. I made it 8 miles before deciding I’d rather go get cold and damp before I’d step one more foot on that beast. Headed outside thinking I’d just go 4 and make the 12 miles, but once I got moving I decided to do the 13. And then, of course, I needed the .1 so I could say I had run a half marathon. And then I promptly got home, warmed up, and devoured half of a homemade pizza. Yup, I like running because I really like food.

I’ve been taking 2 days off from workouts a week, and lately I’ve been going with Saturday & Sunday. It’s nice to not have to work OR work out. Makes my weekends feel less like just tackling a list of tasks, knowwhatimean? I think this weekend, I may get to go out for a glass of wine with some friends, and I think Sunday may be a group trip for some sushi. And I think tomorrow night, we’re renting Anchorman 2. Hopefully takeout is involved. Jeff has started school this week, and I’m going to try to relieve him of his culinary duties for the most part so he can focus on what he needs to get done. Our dinners will be decidedly less delicious and a bit less creative, but hey-we’ll eat! And, with that said, I’m pretty sure in a few moments I’m going to look like this as I escape from the office. It’s been a busy day!


What’s your best running month? Any easy dinner ideas for me, now that I’m the chef of the house?


6 thoughts on “Tallying up the miles

  1. Hahaha, thanks for the shout out! I partly worded it that way as a joke. As for dishes, I like to make Shepard’s Pie on occasion. And curry. Oh, and chicken piccatta with smoked gouda mashed taters is a go-to.

  2. Great running month! Not sure what my best month was – hard to tell – but I know it was warm! 🙂

    I also like – for an easy meal – to season and coat chicken with flaxseed, then broil it up, and also roast up some fresh vegetables (right now parsnips, rutabaga, turnip, sweet potato are all wonderful) and that combines for an easy, healthy and delicious meal!

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