Your Wife is Like A Rollercoaster Baby, Baby…

Ever have one of those weekends? I have been a whiny emotional mess since Friday night. I was all bummed because I realized how much less time Jeff’s going to have for me while he’s studying. And that’s cool, but it’ll just take some getting used to. So I was a whiner. I may have even cried and not known why. I was basically this cat: 



Saturday was pretty cool. I got to bike my errands, had popcorn for lunch which never makes me sad, and got to go help my friend Jen assemble baby accessories and organize a billion onesies. She’s less than a month from baby and it’s super exciting! Jeff and I are going to be the best aunt and uncle ever to not be related to a kid. That evening, I got to go out for tapas and sangria with a few of my favorite ladies. I got all emotional on the way home because a) Jeff was still out and b) some of my old friends all went out without me and after a few glasses of wine, that just bums you out. It’s extra silly, because I’ll admit there’s times when I’m like this: 


But I digress. And that dog is creepy. So Sunday dawns, and I’m cranky again. Jeff sleeps in later than I do on Sundays, and by the time he gets up I’m halfway through a pot of coffee. There may have been a bit of hangry. I can’t help it! Once we had brunch, neither of our tummies were feeling well, so we came back home and may have napped (me) or laid around for a bit (Jeff). But then I got up and dominated some serious house cleaning. Went on a walk, where about 4 awesome things happened to me: so many flower buds poking up! Saw the cutest toddler ever in her stroller. Can’t be cranky when a small child yells “Hiiiiii” at you. Saw this adorable big brother teaching his little sister to ride a bike-running alongside her and all. AND….

I’m going to New Orleans! My aunt is going for work in May, and she offered last night for me to come along. She has a wonderful hotel in the heart of the fun stuff, and while I was on my walk I surfed travel sites and found round trip tickets for $320. That’s nuts! I had to do it. Jeff will have to stay here and hold down the fort, but he really wanted me to go. It so happens that May goes like this for me now: Half Marathon Sunday. Massage Monday. Fly to New Orleans Tuesday. Fly back Friday. That Sunday? We’ve got tickets to go see Wicked! I’d say I’ve got a pretty good May lined up for myself-I better PR that half and really earn all that fun! 

So I’m decidedly less cranky now. Jeff’s upstairs cooking dinner, dogs are chilling at my feet, and I’m dreaming of beignets and cajun food. Last week, I ran 35 miles-and 27 of them were on treadmills. SERIOUSLY. I don’t even know how I lived through that. Hoping for similar mileage this week, but decidedly less treadmill miles. Our weather looks decidedly better this week, thank goodness. Now go make next week your bitch, people! 

Question for my runners-if I’m not committed to anything more than a half marathon currently, what’s a good place to kind of level out my weekly mileage? I’m starting to think around 35-40 may be enough for me, at least for now. The hotter it gets in NE, the harder it is to run consistent distances outside without melting. 

Question for my foodies and travelers-where do I have to go in New Orleans? Most of my time is going to be all by myself, since my aunt is going for business. I plan on getting some good books loaded onto my Nook, walking until my feet are sore, and eating all the things. What do I need to eat/see/do? 

**And to Jeff-sorry I was such a basket case this weekend! I promise at least 50% less crazy next week. 

4 thoughts on “Your Wife is Like A Rollercoaster Baby, Baby…

  1. Is Jeff studying at home? That would be nice – at least he’s around even if he’s raking his fingers through his hair and cussing at his books. It sounds like you had a lovely weekend. Mine was – well, you know how mine was – watching the black line at the bottom of a pool for 2 days. Branched Oak next Saturday – YES.

    As for New Orleans – get thee to the French Quarter and wander around. All the restaurants, bars and coffee houses are fabulous. Just dawdle and chat with people. The locals are very chatty. Have a cosmo with your lunch, then take a long, luxurious nap in your hotel room. You’ll love it!

    • Molly, he is home, which is nice. I’m thinking we need to rearrange something in our house so he can be at a desk type piece of furniture and I can have something soft to read on-Foster didn’t like me sitting on him the other night. I am SO excited to go to New Orleans! Jeff and I wanted to go together, but there’s no way I could pass up the free hotel and cheap airfare!

  2. OMG, I LOVE New Orleans. Love it. It’s a 3rd home for me. If you want to go for a run, then go down the St Charles street car line and back. If you want live music, go to Frenchmen St. My fave bar in the world is Laffitte’s Blacksmith Shop – best hurricanes in the quarter. Food – Cochon’s, Coop’s Place, Drago’s, Port O’ Call, ACME Oyster House. More drinks – Hermes Bar, Carousel Bar, Sazerac Bar. Let me know if you need more!

  3. I think adjusting to change of any kind is hard – when Lisa started working retail after years teaching and managing medical labs, it was a big adjustment, just like when I had to travel so much back and forth to Kentucky last year … and there is always a transition, and it is never the same for both people. That said, I love your animal pic analogies 😉

    As for running, I think that the 30-40 range should make sense and keep you out of trouble injury wise, but ultimately go on how you feel.

    As for temperatures, you have to run at my time of day … it is never too hot at 4AM 😉

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