I’ve been hexed!

So, I was out for tonight’s long run and feeling fine. Hit mile 9 of 12, waved to the kids at our fast food restaurant yelling and waving at me, and stopped at a stoplight. Started back up, and felt a flash of heat and some serious pain. Tried to keep going, but within 50 feet realized I was in trouble. Stopped, stretched, and tried again. And again. Finally gave up and called Jeff to come get me. Sitting on my couch icing my swollen knee and lamenting the fact that I couldn’t finish my run. Seriously-I’d get up and gut through it now if Jeff wasn’t on the couch next to me watching for just such a jailbreak. I always seem to suffer a training setback within the month before my goal race; just hoping I can get out of this ice pack and back on the run by tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “I’ve been hexed!

  1. Hmmm, hopefully it’s just a one time thing that’s there to give your bod a needed rest. I hope the kids didn’t shoot a blow dart into your leg! Seriously, I think you’ll be fine come race time!

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