Mileage Monday

I’ve decided Monday will be my day to check in on how the previous week’s running went, and set a very loose goal for the upcoming week. Last week had some highs and some lows, that’s for sure: 

Monday-Great 6 miler. Somehow I managed to fly through it in 51:42-it was a gorgeous day outside, one of those runs that makes you happy. 

Tuesday-Speedy 4 miler since I teach classes for 2 hours after work. Clocked in at 34 flat-I’ll take an 8:30 pace! 

Wednesday-This was HARD. It was our first really warm day, or at least the first one I’ve run during. It was around 80 when I struck out, and it just got to me. I ran through about 4.75 miles outside and headed in to wrap up my last 1.25 on the dreadmill for a total of 6. I was a lovely, sweaty mess just in time to teach my bootcamp class that evening. Hey, at least I didn’t dirty two sets of clothes! 

Thursday-This is when it all fell down. I was out on my 12 miler and feeling pretty good. There was a bit of soreness in the first half, but I made my normal potty break around 5 miles and when I struck back out I felt fine. And then my knee gave out at 9.2 miles and crushed my soul. I tried to stretch it, walk around on it, and start back up again 3 times before I gave up and called Jeff to come get me. That pain was like a burst of heat followed by a poker in my knee. The weird thing, though, is that…

Saturday-11 miles no problem! No pain, no doubt that I could do it. Just trucked right on through, didn’t look at my Garmin, and was totally excited to see I kept an 8:45 average. 

Total: 36 miles for the week. 

This week: Mileage around the same. I already pushed through 6 miles of speedwork today so lots of good, slow, long runs this week before I need to pull back before my half May 4th. It’s getting closer!

And to make this post interesting to a non runner…here’s an inventive kitty. 



5 thoughts on “Mileage Monday

  1. Hey – awesome kitties are interesting to everyone! 🙂

    Great week – but REALLY scary on Friday – glad I could see the good Saturday run even as I read about Friday, whew!

    Scary how close May is at this point, y’know?!?

    • Tell me about it – last time I checked it was March, WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?

      Awesome week, as someone who runs a couple times of week with zero understanding of what they are actually doing I am in awe of you all…

      Have a great week 😀

    • I’m glad my pets aren’t that smart, that’s for sure. They can only look cute and beg really successfully. I guess, though, that’s really the only skills they need to succeed at life. Hey, can I be one of my pets? I can TOTALLY do that job!

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