Five Things Good Friday

Happy Good Friday everyone! I’m not a big Easter person, so we have no plans this weekend. But to those celebrating, have a hollow Easter Bunny Ear for me! 

Now, on to our 5 glorious things! 

1) Did a trial half marathon yesterday….CRUSHED IT! 1:51:14. I couldn’t believe it. So ready to rock the race May 4. AND, check out these glorious splits: 



2) I have been having a really good week at work-I’ve taken on some new responsibilities and some things have come along that have made it just a lot better for me. Then, this morning sucked. One of those days I couldn’t get anything right. Then, our boss’ boss comes over to my team and has a talk with us about overtime-the upshoot of which was that I’ve been ordered to leave work early today! So I’m cutting out in about an hour. This day totally turned back around! 

3) My cacio e pepe the other night turned out GREAT. Will totally make it again-and not even much I’d change about it, which is saying something. 

4) Now that I’m leaving work early, all I can think about is curling up on the couch with a bowl of popcorn for lunch and watching the season finale of Scandal.Then I *may* take a nap, then it’s off to run my last 6 miles of the week and enjoy the weekend! 

5) That fifth thing always gets me. Well, I was pretty amazed by this last night: 


That’s one way to use what your momma gave you! Have a great weekend, everyone! 

6 thoughts on “Five Things Good Friday

  1. Awesome job on the run! You are totally going to nail it – and that really sucks with work. I am pretty happy on my new project at work, but a co-worker on the same team posted on Facebook a link to a filled chocolate butt with foil lips saying ‘kiss my ass’ – obviously in reference to the project leader. And … yeah, it is like that … 🙂

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