She can get awful mean…she’s cranky!

Bonus points and lifelong friendship to anyone who gets the blog title movie quote of the day.

So, just not feeling much like blogging this week. Work’s busy. I’m annoyed that every day seems to be rainy, crazy windy, or a combination thereof, relegating me to the dreadmill like a hamster on his wheel. I gave up today and actually finished the second half of my 10k in the rain and wind because it was better than being on that damn machine. And I’m spending my evening hanging out on the couch alone while Jeff’s upstairs working on homework. Surfing the net is fun and all, but I feel like I should either be cleaning something, running errands, or asleep. Maybe I’ll just have more wine…

sleepy tiger

3 thoughts on “She can get awful mean…she’s cranky!

  1. haha … I know that it is more frustrating than funny, but it is funny because I totally get it. I don’t know how many times I have had that restless/frustrated feeling when I have just the right amount of time where I am bored but can’t do anything. And definitely agree on the weather – this is why I talk about the ‘late winter blahs’, it is no longer cold enough that anyone listens to you complain, but still not nice enough to consistently enjoy it!

  2. Yes, more wine. That’s what you should do. Then drink more. Then write a blog that you don’t remember the next day. It may not help you, but I’ll be entertained at least.

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