Mileage Monday-Race Week!

Seems like it was just Friday night, but it’s already time to go back to work. I feel like every Sunday night I groan and feel like I need a weekend do-over. Last night was definitely no exception. I spent Saturday digging out some viney roses we had in our yard that have been causing me grief for years. Boy, did I feel like a rock star when I finally yanked that root out! Went for a nice walk last night and found plenty of gorgeous flowers-it’s been rainy here, and everything looked so green.


Last week was a bit of a rough week, running-wise. I don’t remember any run that actually felt great or easy. I also didn’t get in as many miles as normal, but since it was the week before my race I’m not stressing too much-that’s tapering, right?

Monday-6 miles, treadmill style due to the wind. This was actually not too terrible, I got in some good speed work and didn’t have to adjust the workout at all.

Tuesday-4 miles, race pace. Tuesdays are normally my shortest run day because I teach 2 classes after work, so I can only squeeze so much out of one day!

Wednesday-6 miles, combo treadmill/outside. I started on the treadmill, but at 3.5 I called it and went outside for the last 2.5, even though it was windy and raining. I just could not stay on that machine any longer! I had been pretty OK with the treadmill this season, but I think I’ve hit my limit.

Thursday-11 miles, also combo style. It was SUPER windy that day, but after 2 lame, slow miles on the treadmill, I knew I’d never get in 9 more. The last 2 miles of that run were pretty tough, but knowing we were going out for burgers and fries that night made me finish.

Friday-4 miles. Should have been 6, hoped for 7-8. It was hot, it was windy, and I was tired. I just couldn’t go past 4, and truthfully that was a struggle to even finish. I haven’t had a “bad” run in a long time. I wanted to try and catch my last 2 miles at home that evening, or the next day, but I realized 2 miles wouldn’t mean much in the scheme of things, and I probably needed to listen to my body and rest.

Total for the week: 31. I try to stay more in the 35 range, but I guess one week every month or so should take a little dip for recovery. I’m ready to get back at it today, and hopefully set that PR on Sunday morning. Here’s hoping this is a great week!

4 thoughts on “Mileage Monday-Race Week!

  1. Oh man – I hate it when EVERY RUN feels hard! It’s better to have bad runs this week before a race though, right? Great job getting those miles in anyway. That PR is calling your name 🙂

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