It’s official, I’ve hit a blogging slump. I don’t have much to whine about, work through, or yell from the rooftops. I decided to prove to myself that I’m still quasi-interesting by doing a “Currently” post. So….what am I currently:

Making: Dinner. Most nights, while Jeff’s studying. Apparently I don’t cook with “enough fat” but we’re not suffering. Last night was some spicy turkey sausage with spaghetti and crushed tomatoes. The night before I made shredded beef enchiladas (enchilauras). Did I remember to take pictures of them? Of course not. Food goes in mouth, ASAP most nights. It’s sometimes fun to take over the cooking, and sometimes I wish I could just come home from the gym and have someone cook for me like before.

Drinking: This is where I’m supposed to say kombocha or tea or something, right? Yeah, whatever, Pinot Grigio is my jam. Work has been super stressful lately, and I will gladly cop to having some wine with dinner most nights. Balanced living blogger, right here. It’s not all kale and quinoa. Actually, it’s never kale & quinoa. That’s the food my food eats.

wino dog

Reading: I grabbed a copy of Jen Lancaster’s Twisted Sisters to read next week while I’m in New Orleans (yeah, I’m going to be dropping that tidbit for a while). I love most of her stuff, so it ought to be fun, easy reading while I’m sitting at a cafe.

Wanting: A vacation. Good thing it’s next week, or I’d be bugging Jeff to plan our big vacation of the year more than I already am. He’s not coming to New Orleans with me, which he keeps reminding me with a sad face.

Enjoying: Time with my pets and Jeff. I had a moment with Duncan last night where I realized that some of the things our pets do that annoy us the most are probably the very same things we’ll miss about them when they’re gone.

Eating: Besides all those dinners I’m making? All the popcorn.

Listening to: I’m about to put a race day play list for Sunday. It will probably have plenty of Bastille on it-I’m kind of into them lately. But I like to get super cheesy on race day so I’m thinking “Eye of the Tiger” and “I Will Survive” will get in there too.

Wearing: I’m super stressed at work lately, things have gotten busy for me. I like it, but I keep waking up and thinking “I just want to be comfy!” So lots of hoodies, big sweaters, skinny jeans, etc. I’m actually in need of some new jeans soon-I’ve lost enough weight that my old favorites are not doing my bum justice and are falling off.

Giggling at: so close


And that’s my life right now! Suggestions for songs to add to my race day playlist? 

3 thoughts on “Currently…

  1. You like to laugh at animals, don’t you? Sometimes I’ll make a dish like chicken piccatta just because I know the recipe calls for wine, and I know that whatever doesn’t go in the dish, goes in my belly. Haha.

  2. Please don’t tell me Wine isn’t a food group!?!?!

    Thanks for sharing all of this – and glad you’re getting to get away for a bit! Enjoy!

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