Mileage Monday-a New PR!

What could be better than a Monday which is also your Friday? Well, not having a Monday at all, but hey-this rocks too! Tomorrow morning I’m hopping a plane for New Orleans. I’m planning on some relaxation, some running, and so much good food! But before I can get to New Orleans, lets recap last week’s running-including my half marathon! 

Monday: 6 miles, race pace. This was pretty interesting-I had my first major bathroom emergency and had to stop and veer about a half mile off course (and over my lunch hour, gah!) to get to a grocery store and use their restroom. Everything else felt pretty good though! 

Tuesday-4 miles on the treadmill. Not fun, but necessary. 

Wednesday-5 miles on the treadmill. Again. Ugh. 

Thursday-last run before the race-5 miles outside. It felt really good and set a good tone for the half marathon. 

And that brings us to yesterday. Depending on the course, my garmin, or mapmyfitness, I ran 13.1, 13.27, or 13.54 miles. Gotta love technology, right? Anyway, here’s my splits: 



My official time was 1:49:32. I’d hoped to come in under 1:50, and I barely made it! Races are getting interesting for me, because for so long I’ve run them to finish. Now that I’m more comfortable with distance, I’m running with time goals, which is more stressful to me. It’s one thing to repeat my old mantra “just run until you’re done”, and another to constantly stay on top of my speeds and crack the whip when needed. I can clearly work on some more consistency for next time, but overall I’m really happy with how I did. A few highlights on the course: seeing Jeff at mile 4 cheering me on, lots of my friends and class participants from the YMCA, seeing a wonderful runner pushing his father in a wheelchair for the full marathon, lots of Star Wars related signs (race was on May the Fourth be with you day). After the race, I walked up to meet Jeff for some big ole pancakes and bacon, and our friends Carrie & Troy met us. When we got home, I was very ready for a nap-had the crappy night before the race sleep that seems to be a common theme for me. Took off my shoe to once again discover the bloody toe of doom. I took a photo, but it came out all blurry, so I guess you’ll have to use your imagination. 

Aside from all the race talk, we really did have a fantastic weekend. FAC with coworkers after work, followed by dinner at a place in town who recently revamped their menu. I had mussels, Jeff had pork belly, and we shared an order of brussels sprouts which were delicious. Met up with some other friends for cocktails, and then I headed home and Jeff was about to go have a bonfire with them when it started raining. Saturday, I spent a lot of time in the yard dealing with some tree sprouts that have been the bane of my existence for a long time. 3-4 hours digging and pulling roots before my hamstrings let me know I’d better knock it off or the race the next morning would be exponentially more difficult. Went and got my hairs done and spent time with Allison & Angela, then we made some homemade pizza and turned in early since we both got up pretty early Sunday morning for the race. Last night, we had a cinco de mayo party with friends and I couldn’t stop yawning at 8:00 so we headed home early. I’ve just been super tired lately-hoping this vacation rejuvenates me.

And on that note, that’s a wrap! I’ll see if I can scrape together a post or two while I’m on my trip. Here’s where my brain is already: 



5 thoughts on “Mileage Monday-a New PR!

  1. Few thoughts:
    – Yay my email subscription finally worked! Woohoo!
    – Great job on your race – don’t diminish it was ‘only’ or ‘barely’ … own it with ‘F yeah, baby, totally crushed my 1:50 goal!’

    Enjoy your time away!

  2. Congrats! Way to go! Now let’s get on to more important things…
    …New Orleans is one of my all time favorite cities. I can give you suggestions for places to drink, eat, run, and drink. email me if you need my suggestions:
    On a related note, once in a half marathon in N.O. I saw an elite lady crap her pants. It was running down her leg. She’s a real poper trooper.

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