Mileage Monday #3ish

Yeah, I’ll call it number 3. It’s better than the first 2 numbers, or calling it mini-me. Last week was busy, it was fun, and boy am I tired. Lets dig in!

M-6 miles outside, after work. This was the day after the half marathon. It wasn’t speedy, but it happened. I was worried about how much running I’d get in while on vacation so I crammed in 6 miles on some tired legs. Felt good to stretch them out and get back out there, though. Saw one of my bike commuting friends who was super impressed that I was back out running the day after!


W-6 miles running, 15 walking miles. I feel like that’s important to add-I’ll do a travel log tomorrow, but New Orleans was awesome! I ran 4 miles outside, but I got outside at 9 AM and it was super humid already. That combined with only a vague direction to run in made it tough. I ran along the waterfront until I got into a shipping area in which I didn’t feel super safe, so I cruised back and finished off on the hotel treadmill.

Th-7 miles running, another 13 miles walking. I took a walking haunted history tour which was awesome, but that’s a story for tomorrow. I was pretty proud of that run-I pushed the treadmill faster than normal and maintained my outdoor pace far longer than I thought I could indoors.


LaLaurie House. Let me tell you, some shit went DOWN there.

F-5 miles running, 12 miles walking loops around the Denver Airport. Jeez, I was so bored but I wanted to make good use of my time. The run was treadmill with a view out on a shipping lane, and I had some delicious sweet potato pancakes as a reward.

Sat-9 miles. Got home Friday night around midnight, exhausted and very happy to be home. The dogs seemed excited, but I didn’t get how happy they were to see me until I woke up around 3 AM with Jeff on one side, Foster on the other, and Duncan occupying the space where my feet wanted to be. Anyway, that run sucked. I wanted to run 11. Then I mentally allowed myself to only run 10 if I didn’t eat my Gu (calorie math-anyone else do that? “I burn around 100 calories per mile, so if I don’t eat the Gu then I don’t have to run that mile!). Then I decided to make one loop instead of another and realized it would take a lot of effort to make myself run past my house and go another mile to make that 10, so I decided after all the vacation walking I’d done, 9 would probably be OK.

Total running for first week post-race: 33. Solidly in the middle of my 30-35 mile weekly goal. I don’t really know what to do with myself now-what are my goals now that my half marathon is over? Turning in towards the finish while sending the rest of the marathon participants out for 13.1 more miles last week, I was pretty happy to be done. I can’t decide if I should shoot for a full marathon or be happy with the half, which seems to be my sweet spot. I do like pushing myself, but the first race at a new distance is always pretty miserable. So for now I’m just going to float around, stay at “half marathon ready” and see how it feels if I want to push harder. I’m sitting on my couch right now, at 8, wondering when it’s acceptable to throw in the towel and go to bed. First day back at work was hard!


2 thoughts on “Mileage Monday #3ish

  1. I am a believer in finding your sweet spot – so many people believe that a longer race is ‘better’ … but why?

    Love the teases at the NO vacation … can’t wait for the full write-up 🙂

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