You’re fooling yourself, and you don’t believe it…

Many thanks to the epic band Styx for my blog title. Seriously, this week my runs were once, twice, three times a moron. My week went like this: 

Monday-6 miles total, 4 outside and 2 inside. It was windy as HECK and my legs weren’t having it. Defeatedly headed back to the gym to finish on a treadmill, which was STILL tougher than I thought possible, and then I got home and tried to pull weeds. Eureka! I’d done about 3 hours of that Sunday, and my hamstrings were shot. I apologized to my legs for berating them earlier and promptly soaked them in some epsom salts.


I imagine I looked like this while running.

Tuesday-4 miles treadmill. Still blah, but I made it. 

Wednesday-6 miles treadmill. See Tuesday. 

Thursday-10 miles awful. It was cloudy and around 60, so I thought “whee! I don’t want to wear my water belt, and I don’t want to carry a bottle, so I’ll just go without! I’ll be fine!” and after a stop at a bathroom around mile 3, I spent the other 7 miles actively looking for a water fountain. I was dying. I finally came upon one at mile 8 and without it I would not have been able to finish. I always think I can go without water, and I’m always proven wrong almost immediately. Which leads us to…


Friday-5 miles. Should have been 6 but I had to cut one today. It was 80, it was breezy, and I thought since I was only going 5 miles I didn’t need water AGAIN. Seriously? It was terrible. By the time I got back to the gym, I learned what a mouthful of paste tastes like. Ugh. It was horrifying. I slunk back to the office and chugged a gallon of water. 

31 miles for the week. Respectable, but not ideal. I’m going to need to retool my weekly schedule-we’re obviously at the time of year where running at high noon is just not going to fly anymore. Not unless I can deal with a LOT more treadmill time. And some days, that’s going to be OK, but I’m afraid I may have to start getting up early. I HATE getting up early. My stomach hates morning exercise, with or without food. So we’re going to have to mess with things until we get the schedule right, because I still fully intend to keep up my 30 mile weeks-I’m happy with this level of fitness and it’s doable for me so I want to maintain it as long as possible. 

Happy Memorial weekend everyone! We’re having a charcuterie party tonight, where everyone is bringing their favorite cured meats and cheeses and we’ll have a hell of a time. Then we have not a heck of a lot else planned, and I love it that way. Can’t wait to sleep in and spend time with my bookworm-he’s been studying a lot lately but has the whole weekend off! 


OK this just made me laugh.

2 thoughts on “You’re fooling yourself, and you don’t believe it…

  1. I had to laugh – first because I always read song lyrics ‘in song’ … then transitioned to Lionel Ritchie in the first paragraph. 🙂 Good week – but it is funny how we feel like we took an extra stupid pill sometimes – glad nothing worse than paste-mouth came from it!

    Enjoy the relaxing weekend and time with the hubby away from the books!

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