The Disappearing Blogger

What the hell, Laura? Where have you been? What have you been doing? Well, I promise I’m still out here, running about 6 miles a day and happily drinking wine and eating my snack plate each night in the bathtub. But I’ve been, lets say contemplative lately. When each blog I made was some rote theme, like “Mileage Monday”, “What I ate Wednesday”, or “5 Things Friday (aka my favorite way to convey random details)”, what was my goal? I started blogging wanting to reach a broader audience, to get perspective from those not in my zip code or friend base. But the reality as I’ve grown and stretched in the blogosphere is that although I’m a sarcastic, sometimes cranky, pretty stubborn lady, fundamentally I’m no different than thousands of other bloggers out there. We work out, love our pets and husbands, try to eat healthily while wishing we could chow down on pizza every night, and go to jobs every morning that may or may not fulfill us. Could I work super hard and stand out? Sure. Is blogging that big of an interest in me to warrant a larger commitment? Probably not. So I’m taking a step back. I’m re-evaluating why I write. I’m recognizing that for the most part, aside from a few core supporters who I love dearly (Mike, Scott, Jess, etc I’m talking to you guys!), my “followers” are mostly facebook recruits who are friends, travelers, runners, foodies, and everything in between.Ā 

When I was with one of my ex boyfriends, my best friends grew to hate him, and I asked why. They told me that it was because all they heard from me about him was negative. And honestly, that’s easier. I was in my 20’s, and at that age it’s much easier to be deprecating, to acccentuate the negative and diminish the positive. Commiserating is what brings us together, happiness in your twenties can be, frankly, a turn-off to your friends. We’re all older now, and it’s much easier to celebrate the successes with the core group of friends who have stuck by you. There’s less competition. We’re not all racing to get married, to have babies, to get promoted and buy big houses. We’re more like-minded individuals celebrating each other’s successes and helping analyze the failures to learn from them instead of commiserating about how much that sucked. I’ve always written with a self-deprecating tone, but for the most part, I’m a pretty happy girl. Maybe it’s time to point out the positive, to encourage that in everyone I know, and to truly mourn the failures instead of trying to compare them to see what “sucked” worse. It’s been a gradual turn, but one I feel proud of and need to point out. I want to help people see the awesome in the everyday, and hopefully I can find the right themes and tones here to keep that up and do so-with a healthy dose of my usual snark. Can’t be ALL sunshine and rainbows, right? But, on the whole, I’m trying to be less like this bitchy cat. Why can’t she just enjoy that human-canine bond?Ā 

2 thoughts on “The Disappearing Blogger

  1. This is funny – yesterday I was assuming my email subscription was broken, so I went looking and noticed that I had the last comment on the last post so I should wait. šŸ™‚ Glad you chimed in, and I really appreciate the thought of stepping back and reflecting on what you are trying to do here and why. Know that I am here – so when you have stuff to say, you have people interested in listening šŸ™‚

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