Progress Report 2014

June is almost over-I can’t believe it! I thought it would be a good time to revisit my plan of action for 2014 and see what’s staying, what’s going, and how my priorities have shifted in the last 6 months. Things happen, and what seems important in December can seem less so in June. My list was:

1) Run a Marathon. Honestly, I don’t think this is going to happen. I’ve gotten really comfortable with the half marathon distance, and my first race this year set an amazing PR by 8 minutes.  This summer has been a bit of a challenge as I’ve really learned that midday is my best time of day for a run. That makes things tricky in the 90+ degree Nebraska noontime sun. So I’ve gotten even more acquainted with the treadmill, and I’m still hitting about 30 miles per week. I’ve added back in some biking, which is nice, but I’ve had to cut back my long runs just because of the time constraints of running over lunch or in heat. All in all, though, I’ve really found my love of running, and it loves me back. I’ve never felt in better shape, both mentally and physically-and in that way, goal accomplished.

2) Bike a Century. I don’t know if this will happen either, and that’s OK. Usually by now in the Summer, I’ve ridden quite a few 30+ mile rides, and I haven’t gotten over 20 yet. My lady bits aren’t appreciating even that distance, so I’m a bit nervous to attempt this, but there’s plenty of time. My love of cycling has kind of waned as my running has ramped up, so while this is something I intend to attempt someday, I’m not going to push it.

3) Have a professional makeup consultation and actually buy the recommended products. I still haven’t gotten around to this-the investment has been the problem. We’ve focused our finances on taking care of Jeff’s schooling and paying off his motorcycle, so I haven’t had the spare cash to really put towards something like makeup. Hoping to get to this maybe in the fall.

4) Grow edible things. This goal has been knocked out of the park, but I’ll admit other than planting some of the lettuces and carrots, it’s been ALL Jeff. He has taken to our garden like the greenest thumb would. He’s doing a great job, and the plants and yard are thriving so much more than ever before. So, success here.

5) Stay Hydrated. Yeah, I still suck at this. Yeah, I know better. BUT I’m learning that especially right now, having my hydration belt on a long run is crucial. A lot of the problem I run into on a run is that I’m always hungry. I generally go run and then am immediately ready for a snack. The problem there is that I get to a point where only water in my stomach makes me nauseous. So I’m stuck choosing between staying hydrated or getting sick. I’m still working on that, but as a whole I also know I need to sip more water throughout the day.

6) Eat less junk. I’m not doing super here either, considering the goal was primarily to cut out artificial sweetener and I still use more splenda than I’d care to admit. I don’t have as much microwave popcorn, which is nice, and I eat pretty healthy most of the time, so I will just keep working at it.

7) Does it interest me? Go for it! Ehhh, I haven’t gotten too far here either. I am reading more books, which is nice, and I’ve signed up for some corporate e-learning courses. But as far as cooking, baking, learning a language or whatever, haven’t thought about it.

8) Pay it forward. I’ve been more honest and open about my feelings lately, so I think this is a win. I wanted to not necessarily pay it forward financially, but be more giving of my time, my compliments, and my friendship, and I think I’ve done that.

9) Have at least 5 hairstyles in my repertoire. Um, yeah. There’s a few but I’m in a total rut. I need to go hit up Pinterest ASAP because I’ve been relying on the ponytail way too often.

10) Stop comparing myself to others. This is always going to be something I need to work on. While I’ve made some progress, I’ve got a long way to go.

So that’s my goal progress! I think I’m becoming more relaxed as a whole, and just kind of owning my strengths. That’s better than making any set of goals, in my opinion.

Can’t end without a few giggles, and I’ve been so busy lately this is kind of how I feel lately. “Life” is the goat, obviously.


One thought on “Progress Report 2014

  1. Great list and self-assessment – and I agree that being more relaxed and owning ‘who you are’ is more important than ticking off some box on a list!

    And while I tend to ‘go long’ on the distance side, I regularly wonder why people hold longer distances as a greater achievement? Because really, working hard at whatever distance race you enjoy most should be enough – and it IS enough! So no marathon? No Century? who cares … and particularly with the biking … ouch. 😦

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