Baby Steps

In so many aspects of life, it’s the little things that mean a lot. Little gestures from your spouse make the most impact. A kind word can go a long way. A little treat at the office makes the work day that much easier to get through. So it goes with your favorite things in the world. A little change makes a big difference. 

Enjoy the little things in life #Quotes

What the hell am I talking about? As usual, running. Over the summer, I’ve kind of changed my routine up to accomodate the heat. As a result, I’m running about 5 less miles a week. No big deal, and I’m biking more to make up for it. This week, I had to swap around some things so that I’d take a long run Saturday, which is not my favorite thing to do but couldn’t be helped. Anywho, generally in the Summer I’ve got one day that needs a longer mid-week run so I split the miles over a lunch and after work run. My favorite path to run over my lunch hour just has NO shade, and there’s no way I could go 8 miles over lunch in those conditions. So on my lunch run yesterday I made it 4.5 miles, and then after work I went a bit further than planned-5.5. Doing so made today a bit easier, since I’ll only have to do lunch run and no evening run. So that’s a little thing. The bigger little thing for me? I decided at around the 4 mile mark that it was OK to pop in to my favorite potty stop on my home route and cool off, catch my breath, and get a cold drink of water to finish my run. Deciding that it was OK to take a 3 minute break is big for me. When I exercise, I seem to get this mentality that taking a break is basically giving up. On my first 7 mile run this Spring, I was heartbroken when I got so dehydrated that my lips bled and I had to stop at that same store to grab a drink. Now? Not that big of a deal. The distance is what’s most important. I think I’ve realized that taking a break won’t eliminate the fact that I’ve run x miles, it won’t mean my body gets less out of the workout, and sometimes it’s the only thing you can do to finish your goal distance. 

I learned another life lesson yesterday-Men & Women have vast differences of opinion on what it means to clean a room. So, Jeff was off yesterday, and I asked him to clean the bathroom and vacuum for me. I got a text later that said “floors vacuumed, toilet clean”. I figured certainly that didn’t mean he’d ONLY done the toilet. But, when i got home, that’s exactly what happened! I asked if he’d cleaned the tub, and he said “no. Was I supposed to do that?” I was flabbergasted! “Um, well, the tub is IN the bathroom, which is what I asked you to clean, so yeah.” No big deal, I finished the job, but it got me to thinking. Men see the bathroom as a throne and little else. I see the bathroom as my relaxation sanctuary, where I take a bath, dry my hair, do my makeup, whatever. So Jeff cleans the thing he sees of most importance in the bathroom and so do I. Yay, teamwork? But seriously, just means that I may have to spell out what I mean when I ask him to clean something for me. As long as we agree that’s not being a nag, or condescending, I think the end result will mean much less stress on everyone. And, hey, I have a husband who will clean the toilet. That’s a good thing no matter HOW you look at it. 

Men? I'm pretty sure I would be a lot more excited about cleaning too!


3 thoughts on “Baby Steps

  1. Wait … men? As in a gender-based stereotyping generalization? ugh. SOME of us actually understand that ‘the bathroom’ includes toilet, tub, shower, sink(s), mirrors, random counter-surfaces, and anything hanging on the walls. haha

    And I think it is really important to give yourself permission to do what works with your running – stopping, splitting it up, whatever. It is a big mental step and really can make a positive difference.

    • Haha! I knew someone would bust me for the generalization. I have some other newly-married friends, and they are running into similar situations with their spouses. Did you take some training or were you just born awesome? Jeff never notices anything house-cleaning wise unless I point it out to him. I’ve just now, almost 2 years in, gotten him to start putting his dirty clothes in the laundry and not just leaving them where he takes them off.

      It’s kind of funny-I still debate back and forth before I make the decision to stop somewhere. But I never regret it once I go ahead and take that break. It’s just tough to let go of that “PLOW AHEAD!” mentality.

      • Awesome? I wouldn’t go THAT far … I just know that cleaning a room entails cleaning ALL of the room. 😉 Lisa and I have different thresholds for ‘clutter’ and ‘filth’ – I will get in a state about papers on the counter first, whereas she will get annoyed at the state of the bathroom first … then it is a matter of whomever has a day off first cleaning.

        And I totally get the ‘plow ahead’ thing … totally! 🙂

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