Anti-Matter Matters

I’m noticing a pattern in my actions lately, so I was hoping by blogging that I can maybe get to the heart of what’s going on. It seems harder and harder to pry me out of our home lately for social functions. When I do get out, I’m always trying to cut out and go home early. I used to be quite the social butterfly, but lately I’ve become a bit of an antisocial recluse. Last night, we went out to celebrate my aunt’s birthday, but within a few hours I was taking us back home instead of moving on to the next location with the group. I love that woman and always complain that I don’t get to see her and my uncle as often as I used to, so the fact that I was itching to get back home tells me that something’s off.

I’m trying to trace back when this all started. I think it goes back to my surgery in November. The anti social behavior wasn’t as evident in winter when everyone just wants to hibernate, but as it’s getting warmer I feel uncomfortable in my own skin out in social situations. I don’t know what the correlation would be, but I need to get over this ASAP. I don’t want to push away the people in my life, and I don’t want to be inhibiting my husband’s good times either. So get over yourself Laura, and get back to being you!

But on the fun side, did find a quote the other day that sums me up in a nutshell…


6 thoughts on “Anti-Matter Matters

    • Thanks! I hope it’s something just some conscious behavior recognition can help-and in the meantime, my fraidy dogs sure enjoyed us staying home last night while what they assumed was the end of the world was going on outside. ‘Merica!

  1. Exactly as bezzymates said – it is that inkling that something is not right that is important … and it isn’t extreme yet, so just work to figure out what is happening and the underlying causes and get those all worked out (sounds so easy on paper, right?). Either way I don’t think this is just about ‘missing out on fun’, but hopefully nothing serious.

  2. I am totally like this. I was all about going out, and then sometime during my last break up (with my now husband), I just really hit a limit where I just wanted to be home if I was out! I started enjoying my time alone more. And I still am totally this way. Although I love being with my friends and family, I definitely get to a point, especially if we’re out, where I am just done with it. I have realized that it is just how I am now though and I don’t really care to change it. Especially with traveling alone while doing travel nursing now, I’m glad that I’ve come to really enjoy my time alone and am less social than I was before, because I don’t think I could do this if I was as social as I used to be! My husband knows I’m like this and I think he’s just used to it. He can always go out without me if he wants to stay out later on!

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