Five Things Friday

Yeah, yeah, I whined a while back about blog themes taking the fun out of it. But this theme is easy-I get to share 5 random stuffs going on with no real theme or emotion tying them all together. This is the lazy girl’s blog post. And I’m feeling lazy! 

1) Got to practice something I’ve wanted to try for a while; the “10k a day” theory of running. Actually, I suck at math, so I ran 6 miles every day this week over lunch, with a bonus 4 mile after work run on Monday to bring me to 34. Sure, I’ve had some new shoe blisters, tummy troubles, and general “geez, treadmill AGAIN?” issues, but for the most part this week was easy. And now that Friday’s here, I’ll run my 6 miles over lunch, finish the week with a nice 34 miles, leave the shoes in my desk at work, and spend my weekend having fun. Which brings me to…

2) BRAVE COMBO! OK, so Lincoln has an awesome blues bar called the Zoo bar. And every year, they have Zoo Fest. Closes down some streets downtown, gets you some awesome music in a fun venue. This year we get to watch Jeff’s favorite crazy nuclear polka band, Brave Combo. And, as a lady who’s never seen them, forgive me if I’m more excited that I (Finally) get to wear my “cha-cha di’gregorio” retro dress we bought in Ireland on our honeymoon. We fell into this awesome alley mall right before closing time and got to scope out the Retro shop. I ended up buying this awesome dress that reminded me of Cha-Cha from “Grease”. I’ll post pictures of me in it Monday for those who can’t picture it. But it’s AWESOME and I’ve been waiting for just the occasion. This is it. 

3) Took Duncan to the vet for his shots this week. Gosh, that sucks. He HATES the car, hates the vet, hates being anywhere but home. So on the way there, my blockade keeping him in the backseat lasted all of 6 blocks. We pulled into the vet with a quivering, whimpering mass of Border Collie resting on my lap. BUT I managed to get him to sit still on their scale for the first time in his life-and it only cost me 2 sets of scratch marks down my boobs and a set on my hip for good measure. He let the vet check him out, determine he was in good health, and give him a shot. And the ride home? Well, it sucked, but not quite as badly. I don’t know why Active Laura was blessed with a dog who has the energy of 10 puppies but the neurosis of an agorophobic, but I was. So no walks for this guy, which sucks, because his overweight Australian Shepherd brother loves them and could use them. But we make it work, and I have a hard time imagining life unrestrained by a neurotic dog. 

4) Had a good week at work. One of my teammates has been out this week, as his wife had their second child late last week. I always simultaneously feel like they need to come back RIGHT NOW and marvel at how much I know that I didn’t know I knew while they were gone. For the most part, I’ve been able to take care of business while he’s been gone. As someone who doubts themselves quite a bit, that’s been a revelation. But at the same time, he’s my work hubby and I miss having the person in the cube next door to parrot all my inane comments to. Welcome back, buddy! 

5) Get to have dinner with my favorite new parents this Saturday night, and I’m super excited. My partner in crime has needed a bit more help lately as she deals with being a first time parent. As a lady who will never have kids of her own, I’ve been anxious to help, while simultaneously missing my friend. I can’t wait to spend time with them Saturday and get the best of both worlds. And, we may be roughly 4 months late, but we get to celebrate my birthday this weekend. Yay, me! 

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