Monday Musings

Mondays always bring out the random in me. Maybe it’s the fact that I run twice that day and I’m delirious come evening. Maybe it’s that I had a shade too much wine. Who knows? But lets put these musings to good use, and publish them on the interwebs! 

Could anyone eat more potatoes than we do? Doubtful. However, I am going to see those potatoes and raise them some baby carrots. Seriously. This baby carrot addiction has gotten out of hand. I go through a giant bag every 2-3 days. I don’t feel too bad, though, because they stave off the hangry when I get home from the gym and still have an hour or two until dinner is ready. Surely baby carrots are the lesser evil than, say, heroin, right? 

I really want to redo our bathroom in the basement and our kitchen right now. Jeff always gives me crap about how our house was built in 1951 and would be PERFECT to redo in “mid-century modern” style. He’d love it if I could put boomerang formica in the kitchen. I told him today if he could find some that goes with the existing kitchen floor tile, to go nuts. We’ll see what happens. I have a friend who owns a contracting company who will be coming over in a few weeks to do an estimate on the basement bathroom. With separate shower and whirlpool tub. WHIRLPOOL TUB. I don’t want to just spend our money willy-nilly, but hot dang. I had a whirlpool tub at my old house, and even though it was a black freaking bathtub (#myexwasaFREAK), I miss it like crazy. Tried one of those bubbly bath mats-while they feel super weird on your butt, they don’t really sooth tired limbs. 

One of the down sides of working with all men? You can cut off 3-4 inches of your hair and they won’t notice. I guess plus side, I could probably roll in wearing plaid pajamas and nobody would notice either. Whatever-Jeff and I are loving the fantastic haircut I got Saturday. 

So, Saturday night Jeff asked me to meet him over at a friend’s house for a drink. I was feeling feisty and decided to ride our scooter over. Vroom, vroom! It was super fun until I had to leave early because it was raining. But he’s slowly but surely turning me to the dark side. I really used to hate motorcycles-a guy I went to high school with was in a horrific accident, I fell off one as a kid, and just last week a boy I babysat in high school was killed on his. BUT…in town, at appropriate speed and being aware of those around you…it’s kinda fun. 

And lastly, I was leaving my parking garage today, and I was merging into the traffic flow but had to stop short for a few cars. It happens, no big deal, right? OMG. The marine in the tiniest red car I’ve ever seen (#semperfisticker) was SUPER offended. Had to stop his car in the parking garage to yell at passers by about my horrible driving. Then he felt the need to yell more obsenities at me when parked at a stoplight. And he was about 65. Hope that made you feel better, dude-everyone makes mistakes, nobody was hurt, nobody got in an accident, and you looked like a belligerent fool. 

.So, how’s your Monday? I’ve got a few questions on behalf of some friends-read any good books lately? AND…say you had pretty bad shin splints in the past. How do you ease back into a running program? 


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