I feel pretty, oh so pretty…aka Five Photos Friday

A little activity has been making the rounds on Facebook lately where people are challenged to find and display 5 photos of themselves that they feel beautiful in. I’m nothing if not a rampant follower, so it sounded like a good idea for a blog post. I have been enjoying watching friends participate-what makes them feel beautiful is often not about the perfect selfie, a good hair day, or the right pose. They’re feeling beautiful as parents, as athletes, even as bed headed nappers. So, I thought it would be a fun blog to post-I’ll play too!

Fos hugs

And they called it puppy love

First thing I thought of was a photo of me with one of my favorite things in the world. I’ve been a dog lover as far back as I can remember. I had to beg and plead with my boyfriend at the time to let me get Foster, and he’s made me smile literally every day since he came home with me. My love of dogs has led me to rescue strays, return lost dogs to their owners, and coax many shy dogs into loving me. Whenever I’m with a dog, I’m reminded how simple and uncomplicated their world view is and how we as humans could totally benefit from being a more like them.

Oh, yeah, I'm HOT.

Oh, yeah, I’m HOT.

So, I’d normally never think that a blurry photo of me crawling out of a gross lake in Iowa would make me feel beautiful. But any time I feel like I can’t do something-run another mile, figure out what’s broken at work, deal with something emotionally heartbreaking-I just have to remind myself that I’m a frigging half ironwoman. I can run half marathons, do triathlons, bike stupid far distances. And suddenly my current problems don’t seem so bad. Strength is beauty, and I’ve never felt stronger than I did approximately 5 hours after this photo was taken and I was done with the race.

that SMILE!

that SMILE!

Oh, yeah, I was a damn cute little girl. I don’t think I’ve smiled with that lack of inhibition since I entered grade school. As a shy kid, I got intimidated and inhibited pretty quickly by all of the other kids, and I’ve never been quite able to fully shake that and just be purely myself anywhere but at home.

wedding stairs

I’ve never felt as beautiful on the OUTSIDE as I did on my wedding day. Good friends around me taking care of my hair & makeup, the excitement of so many friends and family coming to share in our day, the excitement of showing Jeff the dress and putting the ring on it. This photo was taken during my slow descent of the stairs before allowing Jeff to turn around and see me in my dress, and I think it shows our feelings for each other and how we felt that day.

italy landingI said before that I rarely feel as much like myself as I do at home. Well, I’m at home with Jeff, and anywhere we’re together I’m a little more relaxed. This is the two of us landing in Italy during our honeymoon. The excitement, the glee, and the anticipation is pretty obvious. Plus, we’re goofy as heck. This is me in my happiest state as an adult.

Have you done the 5 photo thing?

Do you feel more beautiful (handsome, pretty, whatever) when doing something you love, being with those you love, or having your appearance fixed up just right?


6 thoughts on “I feel pretty, oh so pretty…aka Five Photos Friday

  1. Love all of these pictures! They really do show how beautiful you are – and in the very meaningful way in that beauty is strength and love and being where you feel at home. Thanks for sharing …

  2. Haha, nice! Great pics! No, I haven’t seen this FB trend, but then again, I’m not on FB too much. And yes, I have been in the TV biz long enough to have been around enough actors and models to know that it’s good to analyze and approve every photo taken of me. Hahaha!

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