SO much to tell everyone. Not enough time at this moment to do it. This means word vomit for you. Sorry I’m not sorry.

I confess that….I’m pretty sad to admit I think I can cross the half marathon I’m signed up for in November off my list. I was supposed to stay off my shin and either crutch walk for 4 weeks. I stayed off for about 2 and then reset the clock by running twice in 3 days and wrecked my leg. So I’m 1 week and 2 days into recovery. We did burpees, jump squats, and curtsy lunges in the Boot Camp I taught tonight. A twinge during each lunge turned into pain walking upstairs and ultimately walking at all tonight. So there’s 3 weeks left before I can even try to run again, and the race is November 9th. Realistically, I could probably try, but would it be a good idea? Nope. Sad panda, smart girl.

I confess that…our week in Chicago “Changed Me”. Travel blog and inspiration blog forthcoming, but the gist is this: every time we go to a museum, it starts. I feel sad. Jeff reminds me of all our friends in sciency professions and their accomplishments, and I start to feel inadequate. And then I whine about it on Facebook. But you know what? It wouldn’t hold my interest. I thought I’d be an archaologist when I was like 12, but who didn’t? ESPECIALLY us ladies of a certain “Jurassic Park during our tween years” age. Weather patterns, water conservation, and related sciency fields would never have held my attention. The career I wanted to pursue, bailed, and have regretted ever since? Dietetics. THIS is my passion. Blogging. Helping, The only science that ever held my attention was the science of food. Now that I’m a fully formed adult, it’s even more so, but with experience to back it up. I’d like to know what happens to food at certain temperatures. I’d like to understand the chemical reaction that makes bread rise. I’d like to know how to pair spices to create the best dinner ever. So what the hell is my problem? Because at the same time I’m lamenting my perceived inadequacy, I’m also wishing I could just be happy being a good barista, bartender, or the like. I’d enjoy walking away from work each day knowing I did the best job I could do. I made 20 coffees, cleaned the shelves, left my workplace a better place for the next guy. That I could walk in, focus on a task, do it well, and then walk out with no lingering thoughts about a solution for client A. To me, the most menial tasks are the most rewarding sometimes. So what the hell is my deal? Whatever it is, I need to find a way to be happy within my current job, because it and I are not going anywhere.

I confess that…I love vacation, but I am SO glad to be home. Blog forthcoming re: packing for vacations. I SO packed wrong. Not terrible, but got down to the uncomfortable, the wrong-for-the-weather, and the impractical with way too many days left. The last few days of vacation, I missed our dogs, our tv time in the basement, and my routine more than I probably should have. Hey, I’m human. It happens. Having fun in a new city lasts X amount of time until it either needs to become routine or I need to get back to what is mine. This weekend has been the best thing for regrouping, cleaning up the house, getting settled back in to my normal routine, and stocking back up our pantry.

I confess that…I’m really excited to enter “crock pot season”. It’s almost that magic time that we trade off duties at the Anderson house and i take over some cooking so Jeff can focus on his studies. I’m pretty good at baking, casserole type dishes, and surprisingly-Asian food. But a basic grilled meat and vegetable side somehow escape me. In walked the crock pot. Throw it together and forget it? All of the yes. I don’t really know why we use crock pots more in Winter than Summer, when really it makes more sense in hot weather-no need to heat up the kitchen. But the hearty, soup-y, casserole type meals that come out of the crock pot are more suited to winter warm-your-innards eating. Sundays are a great day to use crock pot recipes-if you’re anything like me, you’re busy cleaning and running errands all day, only to look up at 8:00 and realize you’re starving. Hence, this recipe. Taco stew is one of our favorites. Easy to modify to make more spicy, thicker, brothier, whatever you like. It’s in my belly right now, and I’m a happy girl.

I confess that…every so often, I engage in a little ‘light stalking”. I found out the other day that my ex found his now-wife as the next girl he dated after me. Consider me a “Good Luck Chuck” if you will. But, anyway, dirty little secrets aside, my point is this: I really enjoy being able to keep up with friends via Facebook that otherwise I would have just lost touch with. One of the girls I went to a very small high school with but haven’t seen in 15+ years? One of my BFF’s on facebook, as we now share a sense of humor and more interests than some of the girls I see day to day. It’s great, and it gives me insight to a wide variety of lifestyles other than my own. Hell, with all these friends posting baby videos, pictures, and milestones I have no need to adopt my own-a simple facebook posting is all the baby fix I need, without those pesky 4:00 am feedings.

I confess that…I’m kind of excited for “new” tv to start back up again. Mostly because I can have my hulu running on my second monitor and quasi-watch most of my favorite shows while also being productive as hell. But it’ll be nice to watch new stuff instead of re-watching Lost and old seasons of Top Chef. Yeah, I may be a bit predictable-but I have good taste, right? Nope. I also watch America’s Next Top Model, Survivor, anything remotely associated with Tim Gunn, and most procedural dramas. Hey, I was a single girl for a long time and old habits die hard. Don’t hold my love for CSI against me, kthxbai?

I confess that….I could confess all night. SO many hidden facets to this girl. I’ll save the rest for another time, though. It’s not really all that late and I’m still ready to watch this episode of Boardwalk Empire (our new obsession) and fall asleep far earlier than I probably should. Hey, married life is wild, what can I say? OH, yeah, gotta end with this. I drank the majority (OK ALL) of a pot of coffee this morning. On our way to this month’s play of our season’s tickets…I may have looked like good old Bobby Hill:



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