Stay Aware, Stay Alive

I have quite a few half-finished posts in my drafts, waiting for my critical eye to finish them off. I just read this story in our local paper, though, and had to throw in a quick two cents.

The story basically goes like this: 15 year old boy and 66 year old man are both using our bike path system last week in the evening. Boy looks down instead of out in front of him while cycling, doesn’t notice he’s drifted out of his lane, collides with 66 year old man. By Monday, the man had died from his injuries.

How many times do we all do the same thing? You get lost in your thoughts, jam out to a good song, or just space out for a second and shake yourself back to reality to notice you’re not where you should be. Or even rounding a corner or curve in the road with more momentum than you were prepared for, and narrowly avert disaster? This could happen to anyone, and I just feel for both families involved. It’s just a solid reminder to turn the volume down a bit, pay attention to where you are, and realize that whether you’re piloting a bicycle, car, or your fine self, you are resposible for more than just your own life when you bring momentum into the mix. Stay aware, stay in control, stay alive, people. It only takes a second to prevent or ensure disaster, which way would you rather go?


4 thoughts on “Stay Aware, Stay Alive

  1. This is really sad … there was the thing just over a week ago where in NYC Central Park a woman was walking in a crosswalk in the park and a race biker was going too fast and couldn’t stop and ended up killing her. We all need to step back, take a deep breath and slow the F down, as I said in a post once. Thanks for sharing … even though it was a really sad story … 😦 and no cute GIFs to temper the sadness.

    • I TOTALLY forgot the cute gifs for once! That’s just so unlike me…new post coming.

      But seriously, I don’t want to demean or dismiss what we’re talking about here. Whether you’re going too fast for your own limitations, look down for a minute, or get distracted by your phone in the car, distractions like that are decisions. We’ve all seen enough of these stories that we know what the worst case scenario could be. And yet, I’m guilty, he’s guilty, she’s guilty-we’ve all let ourselves be distracted and thought it wouldn’t happen to us. But what do you do? Look at each other person or vehicle on the road with you like a potential weapon? Hyperaware ALL the time? It isn’t realistic. Humans are human. Stuff happens. It’s just how we react in these cases that matters, I guess.

  2. That’s sad. It happened here too though. There’s always kind of a riff between cyclists and walkers/runners. People just need to pay attention. I’m always scared on my bike and even when I run because cars fly by me. All it takes is for one of the drivers to be checking their phone instead of the road…

    • Exactly. I can admit being on both sides of the spectrum, and it’s as terrifying either way. Since this post, we’ve had two more cyclist vs car accidents, one a hit and run with and 11 year old boy. Nothing is that important, no matter how much it seems so at the time.

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