Thursday Things-October Edition

Thursdays always make me feel unsettled. This morning was no exception-I should have known the tone of the day when I changed my clothes five times before I finally got out the door. Got to work to find out that something I’d missed a setting on yesterday STILL wasn’t right. Super frustrating. Threw myself a mini pity party, took some ibuprofen to quell the migraine in my brain, and went about my day. And bit by bit, it got better-until I got to the gym. I’d been debating running vs using my current fave machine, the AMT trainer. Discovered when I got there that I’d forgotten a pretty important element in my gym bag this morning-socks! UGH. NO WAY I could run, but I could still use the AMT. And the only one that was left open for me was the one whose TV doesn’t work. ARGH! Good thing I’d brought my phone with me-locked in the wifi, queued up some hulu, and killed that workout. Took a brief shower, headed back to work, and kicked the rest of the day in the butt.

Tonight was my night to make dinner, and I could NOT decide what to make. Poked around pinterest and settled on this recipe. I was surprised how quickly it came together, and we were not disappointed with it! Light, easy, broccoli & shrimp.

General Tso's Sweet Chili Shrimp

NO pics from my attempt; we were too busy eating! Now, Jeff’s over in his office doing his homework and I’m sitting out in the living room, blogging and surfing the web until I’m tired enough to go to bed. I’ve had a lot of worry lately-Jeff’s in school so we get less quality time together, we’re dealing with a few financial setbacks, and things at work have been stressful. When you’re a worrier, sometimes the line between what’s real and what’s imagined gets a little blurry. You start out worried that maybe you won’t have extra money for your favorite treats, and before you know it, you’re convinced you will get your car repossessed. That’s a bit drastic, but you get my point-your mind runs away with things and makes them far darker than they need to be. Times like these make me remind myself to center. I’m starting small-a reminder to breathe when I need it, permission not to work out so hard it makes me puke (last week, seriously-but that’s a whole different story), a few yoga poses during commercials on TV or hulu. Who knows, maybe I’ll actually get myself to a yoga class sometime soon.

Mike! Obligatory gif for closing-this sums up how I’ve felt at work lately:


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