5 things before & after

Jeff’s on the phone with his mom, trying to hash out when we will have our Christmas with them. And it got me to thinking…so here’s the result:

5 things that change when you get married:

1: Saturday Night:
single-lets get dressed up, leave home around 10, stay out till 230, and regret things the next day!
married-stretch pants, cheap wine, HBO Go.

2: Holidays:
single-MOMMY! Have me over and feed me and give me stuff.
married-well, if we do your family x day and move my family to y day…

3: Dinners:
single: well, this popcorn looks good…
married: what do you want? I dunno, what do you want? *hours pass, stalemate is won, dinner consumed*

4: Bedtime:
single: king sized bed? Room for me, my dog, and my dog’s dog to sprawl out and crash!
married: *wife wakes up at 4 AM-you all are smothering me with your love! LITERALLY! Sighs and falls back asleep in fetal position. *

5: Watching TV:
single: project fashion survivor of the amazing race? Crime crime procedure funny time!
married: scans netflix. Scans netflix. Scans netflix. Settles on show we’ve both watched before. Both parties roll over and fall asleep.

One thought on “5 things before & after

  1. (crap, meant to hit the ‘notify me’ and overscrolled and hit ‘previous post’ instead! ugh)

    I think that there is also the ‘is it too early for me to just go straight from work clothes to pajamas and skip the sweatshirt and shorts/stretchy pants option? 🙂

    We always have cooked pretty well, and therefore the ‘what do YOU want’ thing happens only infrequently, though we have many ‘obligatory’ meals (chicken, potatoes, veggie, salad or whatever ) … but I also remember many nights of leftovers on TV trays on the couch watching Star Trek Tne Next Generation 🙂

    And the ‘scan Hulu/Netflix/Amazon’ is every bit as annoying and tiresome as flipping channels on regular TV/Cable!

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