Which Team Are You On?

Which Team Are You On? That question sounds super serious. But before I explain myself, I have an important annoucement. Cannonball!

I’m a bit of a pop culture connoisseur. My friends call on me for trivia wins. I will admit to receiving a few weekly entertainment magazines in the mail. I have a mind that works overtime, and my brain likes some mental popcorn every so often to balance things out. I’ve thought in the past that it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure, something to hide. I haven’t blogged a lot lately because my fitness routine has been pretty steady. Go to gym over lunch, use X machine for Y minutes, repeat. I thought fitness, healthy cooking, and a dash of sass were all I had to contribute here, and that’s not true. Or, even if it is true, I’m going to direct that sass to a broader topic list. I hope everyone who subscribes can find something to relate to here on occasion, and if you can’t-that’s OK too. But there’s a billion fitness bloggers out here, and what makes us unique are our thoughts, our voice. And that can apply to the day I watched Bones on the AMT machine just as much as me parked on the couch binge watching Carnivale.

So, what team ARE you on? Recently, I’ve been reading Amy Poehler’s book “Yes Please”. She offers her life story, a few dashes of advice, and a dose of perspective. I’ve read most of the funny girl books out there-Amy’s, Tina’s, Mindy’s, and Lena’s is on deck next. Hell, I even read Neil Patrick Harris’ book. What I’ve found is that either consciously or unconsciously, their voices tend to mirror their on screen personas. Mindy Kaling is a sassy Indian lady who was raised in that environment, has dealt with body image issues and is, in my opinion, a pretty awesome breath of fresh air on the subject. Tina Fey is equal parts hilarious and self effacing. Neil’s was charming and polished. And Amy’s had a virtual quote party going on with me, there’s been plenty of nuggets that I’ve wanted to share, just like there’s a bunch of Parks and Rec Quotes I’ve repeated fifty times. But here’s the thing: her book seems the most sterilized of the 3. She’s distanced herself from her very subject matter. Considering that it’s her own life, that’s a bit odd. But there’s a lot of tricks included-fancy titles, advice, cautionary tales that making it big took a lot of hard work.

It makes sense, really. Jeff and I have been on a bit of a binge ourselves lately. We like to find a series that’s been around for a while, has maybe 5-7 seasons on Netflix, and watch it as we fall asleep. I like to blame my years as a single woman for my sleepy time TV addiction-if I fall asleep to the sounds of Gil Grissom or Mariska Hargitay, I won’t wonder what every noise I think I hear is. But the truth is that my mind just runs in circles, and an exact science of TV I’ve seen before but won’t get too hooked into is necessary for it to quiet, anticipate what’s coming next, and fall asleep. I know there’s lots of talk lately about how screen time is ruining our lives, but it convinces me that a zombie is not in fact entering my home just as I doze off, I’m cool with it. Lately, we went through all of 40 Rock and are nearly done with back episodes of Parks and Rec. Jeff has found his spirit animal in Ron Swanson, but I’m more of a Liz Lemon kind of girl. My shit is simultaneously together and not together. I’d be more apt to herd a group of inept coworkers through the big <insert event here> than I would be to stay up all night preparing a speech. I’m all for civic involvement and making a difference, but I’m more likely to evade jury duty by acting like Princess Leia.

So, in the Team Amy vs Team Tina debate, count me soundly on Team Tina. I didn’t even bring Team Mindy into play, because really: who is that hooked on Rom Coms and general obliviousness? I enjoy the Mindy Project, but only because she’s basically a parody and Danny makes me giggle. Anyway, maybe it’s because I’m a brunette, or I like the underdog, or whatever, but I think I’m pretty happy with my selection. I mean, I end up with James Marsters at the end, vs Adam Scott. I think I scored on that one!

One thought on “Which Team Are You On?

  1. I still haven’t caught up with the Team Edward/? or Team Peeta/Gale things yet … but I do like both Tina and Amy (not a big fan of Mindy project honestly). I am a bigger Tina Fey fan .. . but I love when they are working together because the interplay is amazing.

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