Hopes for the Future

Looking back at 2014, it was a great year. We made it through that allegedly rough first year of marriage with nary a fight between us. We weathered a surprise surgery, a boatload of running miles, a few random chafing injuries, and some hard learned truths about my 36 year old body. I thought putting my goals/resolutions/serious pipe dreams into cyberspace would make me more committed; I pretty much failed on all fronts. I DID make strides to stop the comparison trap, did grow some edible things, and took baby steps towards eating less chemical laden food. But biking a century, running a marathon, changing my look, and drinking more water? Didn’t happen. And so this year, I don’t want to set goals, resolutions, or anything that is measurable or tangible. Instead, I have a few hopes for the upcoming year.

1) Do LESS Multitasking. I tend to have scattered focus at home, at work, wherever. And it really detracts from my happiness. I see parts of a TV show while also facebooking or playing whatever game has my attention. I want to like what I’m watching. I want to spend more time with my husband while he cooks instead of heading to the couch to drink my wine instead. I want to create things with my spare time and not just waste it.

2) Engage in Conversation More. People at work in passing conversations ask how I am, I respond fine, we all go about our business. I tend to cut people off at the pass, or worse, answer without asking in return. And with coworkers these days? We all have facebook, there’s no reason for me to know about their life and not ask how they’re REALLY doing. There’s something for me to learn and to give in each interaction, it’s what I make of them that counts.

3) Embrace my Hermit-ness or Get Out There. I shame myself for preferring to stay home over most social invitations. Do I really value their comeraderie? Then go. Otherwise, quit beating yourself up. Your life is fine either way. I promise.

4) Help When You Can. Yeah, every damn ASPCA commercial gets me. Yes, I read an article about how it took 3 years for people to adopt Haitian Orphans and I can’t understand why. But reallly, start small. Make a difference whenever you can. Smile at people. Buy someone behind you a cup of coffee. Make a one time donation if you get a surprise bonus. I may not posess the means, motive, or even desire to change the world, but I can do little things. And if I question whether or not I SHOULD get involved…then the answer is probably yes.

5) Quit Apologizing. Accidentally walk into someone’s path? Oh, I’m sorry! Ask a question? I’m sorry but….You know what? Sorry I’m not sorry. And I don’t need to make like I am. I’m a 36 year old woman. I’ve seen some shit. You’ve seen some shit. We’ve been through things. Why do I feel the need to apologize for merely being in a doorway at the same time as you? I could blame a lot of things, but I’ll just stop it instead.

That’s my plan. No funny pictures, no smiling Laura, just me and some hopes. Do better. Be better. Act smarter. Think more. Not that hard to do in theory, we’ll see how I do in practice.
OK, I lied.


5 thoughts on “Hopes for the Future

  1. Yes yes yes and yes. You are totally on the right track. Want company? make the invitation and it will happen. Want to relax by yourself? Then do and don’t feel the least bit bad about it. Life is precious. And as long as you’re doing what you want to be doing at that moment you’re doing the right thing.

  2. I think those are awesome hopes / goals / whatever … and really it is all about seeking happiness, isn’t it?

    The ‘age of multitasking’ needs to end, as study after study shows we are less efficient, more stressed and less happy when we try to multitask too much. And that stress, as you know means you can’t slow down, so you are always doing, doing, doing …

    But it is a hard challenge – Lisa called me ‘busy, busy, busy’ tonight … I was just going to refill water, but the salt and pepper were on the table, and then as I put that away there was something else and something else and … well, I finally refilled the water cup 🙂

    But also, as an example this tab was opened last night and sat there as I never opened my laptop today and only looked at my phone a half-dozen times. Lisa took an extra day off unplanned today, and all we did was spend time together … sure we accomplished things like finances and cooking and cleanup and brushing the dogs and watching some terrible Lifetime and Food Network stuff, but it was all together time 🙂

    And don’t lose the cute GIFs 😉

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