An Ode to my Husband

Jeff got some crappy news today, and he’s feeling a bit down. I feel for him, and I’m not sure how to make him feel better. So, I wanted to make sure he knows all the reasons I love him.

You are so smart. I can’t even fathom some of the math problems you’ve solved recently. You know exactly how to juggle fifty things in the kitchen, and that takes skill. I love simply watching your brain work. I know it’s going to do great things

You take care of me. I’ve had relationships where my partner and I had fairly equal salaries. There are no words for the other ways we were disparate, but suffice to say: he thought paying half the bills was a gift to me. Jeff has seen me through several surgeries, this mess of an eyeball debacle, and even simply makes me dinner and hands me wine when I get home after a hard day. I cannot express how much this makes me appreciate him. A girl can find monetary support; there are plenty of men out there wanting a kept woman, someone to buy. It takes a real man to take care of his wife emotionally, and that’s what I have. When I’m sad, he makes me smile. When I haven’t washed my hair in a few days, he loves me anyways. I have been wearing 3 year old glasses the entire month of January while I heal my corneas, and he somehow still finds me attractive. How, I have NO idea. But he does. And this, I’m eternally grateful for.

You have the best, biggest ideas ever. I would never have thought to brick patio my backyard. You actually DID most of the work. You have the best ideas to make things work. And when I go outside and try to do yardwork, I get bogged down in the little things. I pluck tiny blades of grass and acorns in a sad attempt to clean up a bed of flowers. You grab a garden claw, take care of business, and make it look brand new. You are my big picture counterpart to my details minutiae.

You’re pretty easy on the eyes. I find you stupidly hot. Enough said.

You take my OCD in stride. I’m kind of manic about making sure my dogs are safe and secure in our yard; I check the fence obsessively for confirmation that the gate is shut before I will let them out, and I have a special gate I put up when we’re on vacation to make sure I can rest easy knowing they couldn’t possibly escape. I have the perfectionist’s mentality, the best way is my way. And you just let it roll, honey. You gently admonish me when I’m telling you how to do something you know perfectly well how to do. You let me, get it out when I’m sure my lilac bushes NEED me to trim their dead limbs. You dealt with a crazy runner wife who could barely walk sometimes but insisted on doing things herself.

You are the best thing that ever happened to me. We like to joke that we had beta testing and production, because we dated once, broke up, then got back together nearly a year later. We broke up for what I thought was just a ludicrous reason. Ultimately, the real reason was that you weren’t ready, and you needed to figure some stuff out. But I knew from the start that you were the one for me. I knew your heart, I knew your soul, and I knew you would never give me less than everything you had. You calm me down when I’m manic, you make me laugh when I have the hangry, and you let me hug you whenever I want. You rule, husband, and I am so happy you are mine.

One thought on “An Ode to my Husband

  1. Wonderful post – and I see your love and the value you place on Jeff in all of your posts, and being the person I am that makes your blog more special to me. That stuff really matters.

    I hope whatever he is going through resolves itself to your satisfaction soon … you guys deserve a nice boring stretch (didn’t I just say that yesterday?!?) 🙂

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