4 hours early Friday 5

I’m unexpectedly home alone tonight, so I thought I’d throw some words out into the internet and see what happens. We’ve got a boatload of things planned this weekend for Jeff’s birthday, so it’s *kinda* the calm before the storm. SO…………

1) We started our vegetable minions. No, really. We’re so stoked about the garden this year that we started some of our seeds. We’ve got a little indoor growing kit, a growing light above them and a heated pad below. Oh, yeah, and we get to convince every visitor to our house that we’re not growing weed. BUT the joke will be on everyone else when we have broccoli and you don’t!

2) I can always tell when I’ve entered “running season”. Yesterday, my treadmill run left me with BLOODY TOE. For those of you who aren’t as addicted to exercise as me, this is what happens when one toenail is a bit too long and cuts his neighbor like a crackhead robber. It looks much worse than it is, and honestly-the sting the next few workouts when sweat accumulates is far worse. So between my bloody toe of doom, the change in my gait that happens when I start running, and the fact that using my foam roller results in more cuss words than normal all signal one thing: Spring is coming!

3) It’s Jeff’s birthday this weekend. He’s in full beer brewing mode-he’s even entered contests and done fairly well. So I got him a set of beer glasses to replace my sad race-stamped tumblers he’s been resigned to. We’re going to some of the local breweries on Saturday and Sunday he’ll be making his own beer. His only request of me? To sit down and finally watch the blues brothers with him. He’s constantly appalled at my lack of movie knowledge-at least his movies. Most comedies I can quote by heart, but anything not explicity funny or for children, released from 1978-1994 I just haven’t seen. Mom was primarily a single mom most of my life, and then she married my stepdad. That man, he loved him some Dances With Wolves. So I started being the sulky teenager hiding in her room listening to Nirvana instead of watching movies with the family. Damn, I sure loved Clueless though.

4) My health issues are *almost* over! The whole eye business is done (I had a bitch of a corneal ulcer) without ANY permanent damage to my vision. I’m damn lucky there. I’m a bit worried about some gynecological symptoms which just shouldn’t be happening to a person with my medical history, but we’re keeping an eye on it and I refuse to call the dr until something MAJOR happens.

5) Work is actually kind of exciting for me these days. I’ve become a bit of a subject matter expert and have a new boss. That’s taking me way out of my comfort zone, but if I can prepare myself I’m going to have a great knowledge base for this and any career that I want in the field going forward. Bonus points? I get to use totally nerdy phrases in conversation. Something about using hacker tech speak just makes me feel like I should have on lots more leather and spikes! At the least it makes me feel like resourceful cat.

resourceful cat

Happy Almost Friday!

2 thoughts on “4 hours early Friday 5

  1. Happy Friday! And happy birthday to Jeff as well! Enjoy Blues Brothers … total classic 🙂

    We have the birthday party for my younger son tonight, but it is just a small hang-out – his real birthday was when they were away at Disney last week and we celebrated last weekend when he got home, now it is just the final small crew. And the rest of the weekend is just as crazy! On the upside, tomorrow is the last sub-zero morning (-15) in our 10-day (sure we have some single digits, but it is a small improvement!)

    I think it is great getting your garden going now! We have some herbs going – but it has been a tough winter for plants in our house 😉

    I am stuck on this phrase “anything not explicity funny or for children, released from 1978-1994” … I think about all of the great stuff from that era, Caddyshack through Airplane through 80s comedies. It just makes me think of all of the great stuff you’ve missed. Of course, since that period takes me from the dawn of my teen years through just before our first son, it would make sense that it is a critical cultural time for us 🙂 Of course, I was too old to have any connection to teen movies like Clueless or Mean Girls, so I guess there is that …

    Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you-you guys too! Don’t worry, Jeff is going to slowly fill me in on all the movies I missed. Last year was his 30th and I planned a giant surprise party for him. I’m very excited for a bit less high stress celebration this year!

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