You have Cat to be Kitten Me right Meow



Um, that doctor’s appointment did NOT go well. I waltzed in all chipper and happy because I’d seen my MRI results last week and I knew what we’d been worried about, the torn peroneal tendon, was not an issue. I thought he’d tell me to wear my boot, do some PT, and go back to life. Know what I wasn’t prepared for? The illustrious doctor T to tell me I stress fractured my calcaneous and cuboid bones. Yes, my heel bone. How do you even DO that? It’s huge! He actually said that if I’d kept running instead of making the appointment my husband bugged me to make, my tibia could have crushed that bone if it weakened further. Way to give Jeff a big head forever, doc. Anyway, he showed it to me and though MRI’s look like blobby blobs to me, I guess he’s right. All the fluid buildup around my ankle is actually coming out of my heel bone. This is insane. I literally ran so hard I broke bones. Um, guess I’m super strong?

So what’s next? 4-6 weeks of restrictive @ss boot wearing. In Spring, AKA my favorite season to run in. Also? That plate and screws he put in last year? He wants to surgically remove them April 29. The plate is visible and palpable through my skin, and it’s not going to get any better. I’d have to be in a boot for 3 weeks after that surgery to remove the hardware, so it’s best to do it now as opposed to waiting and seeing and getting back in the boot down the line. Though I did find some super fashionable options….


Doc said I can’t exercise, can’t do anything more than the movements a human needs to survive. Go to the bathroom, go get food, go to work, come home and park on the couch. This sucks so hard. I was completely unprepared for this. On the bright side, our trip to Boulder for Memorial Day (and what I thought was going to be my first 10k back) will be OK. He said I’d still be able to walk Boulder boot free and easy, and that I can go hiking. So I guess that’s a plus? But for now I’ve planted on the couch and really have no idea how I’m going to get through this. Also…I’m terrified to run again. Like, this may break the addiction. Because it apparently can also break my bones. Thanks, but maybe I’ll stick to cycling?

HELP, friends! How do I deal with this huge setback? It just SUCKS. I wants to cry. I kind of did cry. Make it better!


4 thoughts on “You have Cat to be Kitten Me right Meow

  1. I think I mentioned that there is a women down the road from us who loves walking her dogs, but apparently used to run about 20 years or so ago, but had foot surgery and had to stop. But always has stayed active – she admits to being a bit jealous seeing me out running, but she just had more foot surgery and it was really hard getting back out – but she did. She can’t do what she used to, but she does what she can (and she was about your age when she had her first surgery).

    Not that it helps, but it just means you might have to refocus your energy. 😦

    So sorry you are going through this … It has been a rough couple of years medically for you 😦

    • Thanks for the encouragement! I have a feeling this will be a turning point of sorts, but I know being active makes me feel good and I won’t stop it completely. If I have to refocus my efforts, that’s OK. It’s hard to remember ALL the time, but I can move and do quite a bit, and that’s what is important.

      • I didn’t mention it, but on FB you see things with Lisa and I doing stuff like the ‘Selfless Elf 5K’ and we’ll be doing the Susan Komen 5K again this year. She can’t run due to arthritis and joint issues, but loves to power walk through them and feels good supporting the causes. It is all about doing what we can based on what our bodies will allow. She can do miles and miles on the elliptical, get out for walks and stay active that way. I am an outlier, this I know.

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