It’s Like the Universe Doesn’t Trust Me

It’s been quite the week for me. Started off thinking I had a sprained ankle, found out I had 2 stress fractures and scheduled another surgery, my husband got really good news, and now today. Just when I thought this week was going to hand me a quiet Friday and I could just slink off into the weekend, I got the last piece of the puzzle.


OK, it really isn’t that bad but I so love sausage jokes

I had to let my boss at the gym know this week that obviously, I will not be hopping on a spin bike and thus can’t teach my spin class for a few weeks. Usually, it’s been cool since I had a backup that was always willing to help out and hold on to my class for me so when I was fit, I could pick right back up, maintain my 1 class/week status and keep my free membership! I loved that class, more for the chats we used to have as a group and the participants than anything else. She let me know that the gym is concerned that I have several times now come back too soon after an injury or surgery and re-injured myself. I can’t blame them, it’s accurate. But their decision is that I have to take 6 months off before we can even look to see if I can take a new class, new time, new platform.

It’s a bit like the universe doesn’t trust me to take care of myself, and had to completely remove every possible avenue I could have for re-injury. Geez, karma, I get it!

I’m going to try and see this as a good thing. I could join up as just a normal, civilian member after I’m cleared to return to the gym, but I don’t think I’m going to. If I keep talking about trying to de-prioritize fitness in my life, this will force me to put my money where my mouth is. Or, to keep my money in my pocket and find a way to stay fit without using a machine to do it. But I’ll admit I totally cried when I got off the phone. It’s a hard piece of info to swallow that basically my inability to take cues from my body basically cost me a job, quite a chunk of money in dr fees, and my mobility. Guess if that can’t convince me to slow down and enjoy  being active in real life, nothing can!

Final shoutout to all my friends enjoying their Spring Allergies in full force today. Our area has also had a ton of smoke rolling through in the last few days due to a controlled burn in Kansas, so it’s been all sneezey all the time. And I *may* have walked out the door with Foster the other morning and become convinced that my house was on fire.


get it away!




4 thoughts on “It’s Like the Universe Doesn’t Trust Me

    • Thanks, Kerrie! In the long run…I’m losing the chance to gab with some friends on a bike and make token pocket change from it. Perspective…I can (eventually) do that outside! In the fresh air! Now, to just get through the next few weeks and try not to bedazzle this lovely medical boot of mine.

  1. Ugh … sorry to have this come about on the heels* of everything else, but two thoughts:

    1. Good news for the hubby?!? That is awesome! Good news is always welcome! Celebrate the good rather than focusing on the bad!

    2. I hope this doesn’t come across harsh (darn no context internet), because it isn’t intended that way … t think that you have to look at what the gym said as not just ‘take it at face value’, but also an affirmation of what you already know. You have sabotaged your own recovery more than once by your own admission … and while you would like to think that you are only messing up yourself, it is clear that the impact is felt elsewhere.

    So I think that you need to take what the gym says as unsolicited advice and just slow down. The 5 lbs don’t matter, the few extra months don’t matter, being healed is the only thing that matters and should be you focused goal. It is like you need to invert the thought process – rather than thinking ‘how long until I can run/bike/whatever again’, think about setting a goal of having you doctor tell you that you are being too conservative and can actually push a bit harder.

    Because like everything else in life, recovery is a marathon, not a sprint.

    *oh yes I did. 🙂

    • Oh no you di’int! I didn’t want to steal Jeff’s thunder Friday, but now I can say that he got a really well earned promotion at work. Starting Monday, he’s going to be an Account Manager and doing something even more suited to his talents. Yay!

      I’ve had a few days to stew on it and I’m going to take the gym news not necessarily a a good thing, but as the sign that it is. I need to slow down, focus on recovery, and then I can focus on whatever happens next. And though it’s tough to be lazy in Spring…at least I can sit outside in the sun and read a book!

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