Fit Fresh & Fraudulent

So, a few weeks ago I was at a party with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while. Years, actually. Thank goodness for FB to keep us in touch. Anyway, one asked if I was still blogging, and mentioned she really enjoyed reading it. I told her, honestly, that I felt a bit fraudulent blogging under “Fit Fresh and Funny”. I mean, these days I mostly worry about FITting into my jeans instead of fitting in 30 miles a week. I question the viability of produce in our fridge for FRESHness instead of posting pics of my wonderfully healthful lunches. Funny? Well, that hasn’t changed-bad jokes then, bad jokes now.

I’m just a different person than I was when I was a “healthy living” blogger. I’ve started a moderately successful cross stitch business. I’ve been to Spain. I’ve rehabbed a bitch of a foot injury and I’m on the road to running again, knowing it’s not a good idea to go as hard as I did before and not wanting to take the risk for a change. I read a boatload of books. I listen to unpopular music and was beyond stoked to see Stevie Nicks & the Pretenders this Fall. I am branching out my cooking skills and regaining my baking game. I follow more corgis on Instagram than humans. Well, OK, that shouldn’t surprise anyone. But seriously-I don’t even know what the blog community is like anymore. I noticed that following all the blogs I read was a bit of a trigger to unhealthy ways for me that I haven’t read one in over a year. Is there a place for a technically fit but nowhere near visible abs girl in this world? Would people even care what I have to say anymore?


SO, do you feel curious, punk? DO YOU? I’ll probably talk a lot about how Foster and I are best friends. About how Jeff and I are in a heavy Ramen Noodle phase, but not the packaged kind. About how I ran today for 3 whole miles, so of course I’ll have another glass of wine. I mean, I could take over the world but that’d be a lot of work. So can I just have a tiny, 5 minute a week corner of your mind? Let me know if it’s worth giving this blog a facelift and another go!

5 thoughts on “Fit Fresh & Fraudulent

  1. Who the F cares what people think? I mean – half the problem with so many of the mediocre blogs I read is that they either feel the need to do exactly what they think people want (and end up boring and lifeless) or they are filled with oh so much gravitas … ugh. And these are amongst the ones I actually still read – which is down about 75% from when I was blogging!

    And there is one I am much less connected with, but that person has definitely found her brand, her voice – so I applaud that, even if I find the site so ad-laden to be virtually unreadable.

    The thing is – there is only one YOU. And you are who you are – so write THAT. There are few things worse than reading a blog that is trying to be something it isn’t, written by someone trying to be someone they aren’t.

    • The obvious question from my first paragraph is “why do you still read them?” And the answer is “I like the people” – these are really cool folks I connected with and became ‘friends’ with, but many have hit a rote rhythm with their blogs: today is Thursday so they are ‘thinking out loud’, which has devolved from a joyous romp through randomness into a day where you put stuff that doesn’t fit into the predetermined slots for the other days: all of these link-ups and posts designed to generate hits and get ambassadorships and promotional links and so on. Ugh.

      But these same people will sometimes share what makes them wonderful, special people. That makes it worth wading through the filler.

      On the other hand, I have blogs that post ~1-2x per month that are ALWAYS worth reading when they DO. I value those to the extreme.

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