I Wanna Quit The Gym!

What a difference a year makes. It was this time last year that my gym, as my employer, put me on a hiatus from the facility. I was anxious about the prospect of trying to stay “fit” on my own. I NEEDED my cardio machines! I NEEDED the occasional Power Pump class! I NEEDED to go spin on occasion. How else could I possibly stay sane? Stay in shape? Stay ME? And now?


Well, today I filled out my cancellation paperwork at the gym. Over the last 2-3 months I’ve started running every day before work. This isn’t crazy, pre foot surgery Laura running. I go 3.5 miles, and the first and last bits are a walk. I do dutiful, obligatory 30 min weight sessions twice a week. I go for LOTS of walks. And I smile. Because I realized that I like getting the “tough part” of my day over with before 6 AM. I like being able to go for a lunch walk with the sun on my face and a podcast (probably about murder) in my ears. I like weekend bike rides to the farmer’s market with my husband. Know what I don’t like? Weirdos at the gym who grunt every 10 seconds. Judgemental eyes in power pump checking how much I lift or rolling when I cut out early. And I especially don’t like forcing myself to watch that episode of Property Brothers again while I sweat it out on the “trex” machine.

The fact is, I’m an active person. I have finally realized I don’t need the gym to be in good-enough-for-me shape. All I need are these 2 feet I worked pretty hard to repair, some headphones, and a few weights. Friends are always welcome to come along for a walk. It’s just not as important to me anymore to make myself miserable doing something I don’t enjoy when there’s so much room for stuff I do enjoy. Maybe our recent loss is teaching me to let go of what doesn’t make me happy. Maybe I’m finally adulting and no longer convinced that everyone will see if I gain a half pound. All I know, is our household just got $50 a month back, and if you’ll excuse me I’d like to go shopping.